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Hello! My name is Peter and this is my new blog. Between Monday and Friday, I work a boring job in a shop in down town Sydney. However, I spend my weekends writing and drawing a comic strip. It is a lot of fun and it is something I really enjoy. I started the comic as a kind of a hobby but after 2 years of drawing and writing and I decided to print and publish it. It took me a while to find a good printing service, but when I did they really helped me out and I learnt an awful lot about colours and formatting. I hope you like my blog.


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2 tips for students who are having their dissertations printed and bound

If you have finished writing your dissertation and now need to have it turned into a book by your local printing shop, here are a couple of tips that may be of use to you.

1. Submit the dissertation file to the printing shop well in advance of the university's submission deadline

It is sensible to send the digital file that contains your completed dissertation to the printing shop as soon as you finish writing it.

The reasons for this are as follows; first and foremost, giving the printing business this file well in advance of the date on which you need to submit the printed and bound dissertation to your university will ensure that if there is some issue with this file that affects the printing company's ability to use it, the resulting delay caused by this problem should not impact your ability to meet the university's submission deadline. For example, if the file you give them is corrupted or if it is missing one or two pages of your dissertation and as a result of this, you then need to re-send a copy of the file, the printing company's employees should still have enough time to print and bind your dissertation before the date on which you need to give it to your university.

Secondly, if you use the services of a print shop that is located close to your university or which is simply very popular with students, it is very likely that this shop will be printing and binding the dissertations of dozens of other students, too. As such, it's best to get in touch with them and book their services as soon as you possibly can, so as to ensure that they can fit you into their busy schedule. If you wait, you may struggle to find any printing company in the area around your university that can print and bind your dissertation by the required date.

2. Ask the employee who will be doing the bookbinding to use the highest-quality hardback cover available

As a student, you probably don't have a lot of spare money. Because of this, you may be planning to ask the print shop employee who will be binding your dissertation to use the cheapest and most basic hardback cover they have. However, if you think you could scrape some extra money together, it really is worth asking them to use a higher-quality hardback cover.

The reason for this is as follows; you have probably devoted a huge amount of time to researching and writing up your dissertation. It is the culmination of years of study and is a huge achievement. As such, it is worth investing in a more durable cover for the printed version of it, as this will ensure that it does not begin to fall apart over the coming years, but instead stands the test of time. This robust cover will ensure that you can look back on and enjoy reading this piece of work that you created, for decades to come.

To learn more, contact your local bookbinding service.