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Hello! My name is Peter and this is my new blog. Between Monday and Friday, I work a boring job in a shop in down town Sydney. However, I spend my weekends writing and drawing a comic strip. It is a lot of fun and it is something I really enjoy. I started the comic as a kind of a hobby but after 2 years of drawing and writing and I decided to print and publish it. It took me a while to find a good printing service, but when I did they really helped me out and I learnt an awful lot about colours and formatting. I hope you like my blog.


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Why Digitally-Printed Wallpapers Offer Users Endless Possibilities

Throughout the years, interior designers have relied on wallpapers to improve the space, style, texture and colour of indoor spaces. However, when designers need to take it a notch higher, they require wallpapers with unique murals and patterns. In recent years, digital printing of wallpapers, caused by advancement in printing technology, has offered designers limitless capacity. Digital wallpaper printing enables the production of custom wallpaper products in unlimited colour schemes and striking designs. Here is why digital printing of wallpapers offers endless possibilities.

No Minimum Order Quantities 

Traditional screen printing technology has restrictions when it comes to large orders. The high cost of setting up the system means fewer rolls of wallpaper designs can be produced at a given time. However, digital wallpaper printing has no set-up costs. When a wallpaper design is ready for printing, all you need to do is press 'print'. Therefore, digital printing supports the production of as many orders as a client wants. In this sense, multiple wallpaper rolls can be printed without restricting clients on the minimum number of orders they can place.

No Restrictions on Size 

The problem with traditional wallpaper production systems, such as rotary screens and cylinders, is that they restrict the repeat height of a wallpaper design to fit the cylinder's circumference. As digital printing technology grows in leaps and bounds, so does the ability to print wallpapers in different sizes. Digital printing technology does not place restrictions on the repeat size. Therefore, you can print large wallpapers without compromising the quality of images. Most importantly, digital printing enables the production of large and unique wallpaper designs, which are not confined by standard repeat sizes.

Cutting-Edge Imaging Capability 

Interior spaces, whether they are in homes or offices, should be visually attractive. The only way of achieving aesthetic appeal is by using quality wallpapers with high-resolution images. Digital printing creates stunning wallpaper designs suitable for different environments. The best part about a digital image is that you can print it on any wallpaper size without losing quality. The technology supports the generation of large-scale patterns and high-resolution photographic murals on wallpapers.

Work With a Range of Colours 

Digitally printed wallpapers support a wide range of colour combinations and contemporary styles. With digital printing, you can replicate any colour that you can think of on a wallpaper. Besides, shading and accuracy can be attained repeatedly and consistently with little to no error during printing.