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Printing Comic Books and Other Items

Hello! My name is Peter and this is my new blog. Between Monday and Friday, I work a boring job in a shop in down town Sydney. However, I spend my weekends writing and drawing a comic strip. It is a lot of fun and it is something I really enjoy. I started the comic as a kind of a hobby but after 2 years of drawing and writing and I decided to print and publish it. It took me a while to find a good printing service, but when I did they really helped me out and I learnt an awful lot about colours and formatting. I hope you like my blog.


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How to Optimise Your Office Printer for Better Results

Printers are crucial in the office environment, even with more businesses embracing the use of softcopy files and records. Unfortunately, the printing equipment is ignored in most companies until there is a problem. Therefore, the employees fail to achieve the best results when printing. This often results in poor quality printouts and wastage of paper as the users try to improve the results. Here are some simple tricks to help you optimise your old or new office printer.

Humidify for Clog Prevention

It is not uncommon for the nozzles in the inkjet printer components to become clogged. This problem can often be attributed to the dryness of the surroundings. In simple terms, if you are in an area with low humidity, your nozzles are likely to get clogged. Therefore, you should consider installing a humidifier in the room to increase the moisture in the air. Also, you should think about printing some pages regularly because ink will dry if the equipment is not in use.

Install the Right Software

In the recent past, printers have become more advanced to accommodate the technology used in modern businesses. These new features need different forms of software to ensure smooth functionality and performance. For example, the printer might be equipped with features such as graphics programs which are not necessary for standard offices.

The drivers might also be setup for automated updates. The extra features can be an inconvenience if you do not use or need them. For a more streamlined experience, choose the custom option when installing your new printer. This will allow you to pick the software you want to use and leave out the unnecessary features.

Resolve Smeared Printing Work

Smeared printouts are unattractive and cannot be presented to executives, stakeholders and customers. Therefore, you should resolve this problem quickly to ensure that your work is presentable. In most cases, printouts are smeared because of irregularity in the print-head. For instance, there might be something stuck to the printing components, usually the cartridge nozzles. You should remove the printer cartridges and check for blockages around the nozzles. Remove obstructions without touching the nozzle plate.

Choose the Black-Only Printing Option

One of the common issues experienced when printing monochrome documents is the error message about lack of some ink colours. In an office, this issue can affect the general efficiency. Therefore, check your printer driver or software and find the black-only printing option. This selection will allow you to override the error message for quick printing.