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Printing Comic Books and Other Items

Hello! My name is Peter and this is my new blog. Between Monday and Friday, I work a boring job in a shop in down town Sydney. However, I spend my weekends writing and drawing a comic strip. It is a lot of fun and it is something I really enjoy. I started the comic as a kind of a hobby but after 2 years of drawing and writing and I decided to print and publish it. It took me a while to find a good printing service, but when I did they really helped me out and I learnt an awful lot about colours and formatting. I hope you like my blog.


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For Digital Storage With Style

Promotional USBs are a great idea for anyone who would like to stand out among others. Whether you run a business and want your logo on a USB stick or are a student who would like a personalised USB, this is the way to go. With many companies online offering this service, why not treat someone you know to one? Here's a look at some basics you should know about these portable drives.

Do They Come In Different Storage Sizes?

As much as they look good, these USBs, also called thumb drives, are also useful. They come in many different storage sizes depending on what you require and what the company offers at the time. So if you want one for yourself or just to give them away to help promote your business, you can have a storage size to suit. Most places will offer the same range as most computer accessory shops.

How Are They Printed?

There are a few ways that printing services can fulfil your order depending on your specifications. Here are a few of the options with a short brief about each stage:

Screen Printing

The screen printing process uses metal or ink, and forces that medium onto a surface using a prepared screen with your desired image on it. This allows you to have up to a certain number of colours depending on the company you are using to print them. Ask about how many colours are permitted per design before you choose a company to work with.

Photo Printing

Photo printing is a process that actually transfers a photo of your choosing directly onto the drive. The photo you choose is printed in high resolution, giving you the maximum quality they can offer.


Embossing is a unique way to print an image on your USB drives. It uses heat and a metal die to give the image a 3D look. This can make it far more engaging and attractive for those you give the drives to.

Laser Engraving  

Laser engraving is very professional-looking and stylish method for putting images onto many surfaces, including USB drives. The image is created by using a laser to engrave the design into the USB drive's case. The image is created as the laser takes small layers off with every pass until the design is complete.

Now that you know some of the processes that are available, when you choose that design you want you can now choose the style of printing you want it done in. However, not all printing styles will be available on every drive as it will all depend on the material your chosen drive is made of.