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Hello! My name is Peter and this is my new blog. Between Monday and Friday, I work a boring job in a shop in down town Sydney. However, I spend my weekends writing and drawing a comic strip. It is a lot of fun and it is something I really enjoy. I started the comic as a kind of a hobby but after 2 years of drawing and writing and I decided to print and publish it. It took me a while to find a good printing service, but when I did they really helped me out and I learnt an awful lot about colours and formatting. I hope you like my blog.


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4 Benefits of Pull-Up Banners

If your company regularly attends trade shows, expos or other corporate events, you may be considering how you can improve the marketing of both your brand and the products you sell. One solution you may not have thought about using is pull-up banners. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of using pull-up banners.

Pull-up banners are easy to transport

Unlike full-sized A3 posters which can be difficult to transport without becoming damaged or torn, pull-up banners retract into a protective aluminium case. This case is lightweight but also sturdy enough to protect your banner so it can be used again and again. It's lightweight also means that it can be easily carried around the conference centre by your staff without the risk of back injury.

Pull-up banners are very attractive

A printing service will be able to print your pull-up banner using the same high standards they would use on any other form of promotional material. You will be able to choose from a range of colours and hues from right across the spectrum. This choice will allow you to incorporate your company colours or other branding such as logos into the design of your pull-up banner. An attractive banner will help to attract potential clients towards your booth at a trade show so that they can engage with your staff and gain knowledge of your company.

Pull-up banners are reusable

If you choose an evergreen design, rather than one that includes dates or other material which will expire, you could potentially use your pull-up banner for years to come. Because pull-up banners are protected by an outer casing, they are highly durable and have a very long lifespan. This means they can be used again and again at multiple trade events.

Pull-up banners are easy to assemble and disassemble

Pull-up banners are so easy to put up and take down that even a small child could do it. You simply need to remove the aluminium pole from the back of the casing and construct it. Each part of the pole is designed only to fit its sister part, so it is impossible to construct it in the wrong way. Then, you simply insert the pole into the base of the carry case. Finally, pull on the tab which will extend the banner up out of the case and attach the top of the banner to the clip on the pole. Simply reverse this process to take the banner down.

If you would like further information about the benefit of pull-up banners, contact a printing service today.